Potential, Promise, and Problems of Consumer Health Data at Digital Health 2014

Kevin Patrick, PI of the Health Data Exploration Project, will be moderating a panel on Consumer Health Data—Potential, Promise, and Problems at the New York eHealth Collaborative Digital Health Conference 2014 on Monday, November 17, 2014. The panel includes HDE Steering Committee member John Brownstein (Harvard Medical School), and HDE Project Advisor Ann Waldo (Wittie, Letsche & Waldo, LLP). Also on the panel are Martin Coulter, CEO of PatientsLikeMe, and Andrew Rosenthal of Jawbone.

Session Abstract: Personal health data (PHD) coming from wearable devices, smartphone apps, and other sources are new streams of data that are providing us an unprecedented view of people’s everyday behavior and lifestyle. These new data streams, often referred to as “digital footprints,” are growing exponentially as the number of individuals tracking a variety of health related data is growing. If used properly, PHD has the potential to help each of us revolutionize and personalize the healthcare experience as well as transform how research is conducted in medicine, public health, and the social and behavioral sciences. This panel will discuss both the opportunities and challenges facing PHD, including privacy and data ownership, informed consent, data sharing, access, and data quality.

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