HDE is paving the way for using personal data for the public good. Our core staff and our network members are producing new knowledge, new approaches, and new technologies. These projects demonstrate the value of using personal data in research and create reusable templates, policies, and infrastructures for using new forms of data.

We have two categories of projects:

Core Research

Core research projects are conducted by HDE staff, and typically represent more traditional research methodologies and longer-term research trajectories. These projects tend to address cross-cutting issues relating to personal health data.

Agile Projects

These projects are conducted by small teams of network members. For projects focused on questions related to personal health data (PHD), we believe agile research methodologies better fit the temporal rhythms of this fast-changing field. An agile development approach offers the research Network an opportunity to make incremental investment to open new research opportunities, create open infrastructure and data sources for the research community, and help create new training opportunities for the field.