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Co-founder | OwnerTOTTI Labs | Konsulent BlomsethCorporate/Private Sector
Work Hjørring Denmark

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I have been working with personal health data since I started doing self-tracking using mobile technology to “debug” my allergies back in 2007-8. In 2009 I co-founded a startup dedicated to developing a service for helping people with complex, chronic health conditions collect data from their daily living and use that data in collaboration with their health practitioners to uncover the underlying drivers of their issues. The experience and insights gleaned from that effort I am now putting to good use at my new venture TOTTI Labs where my business partner and I are developing the next generation of technology for active self-tracking of subjectively perceived phenomena (Ecological Momentary Assessment). I believe that personal health data created actively and consciously by the individual have much more merit than the general discourse about digital health suggests. A long-standing member of the Quantified Self community my own self-tracking project has been documented through Show&Tell talks over the years and has been featured in international news media.

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