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Assistant ProfessorMaastricht UniversityAcademia/University
Work Maastricht NetherlandsWebsite: https://maastrichtuniversity.academia.edu/TamarSharon

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I’m a philosopher of technology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where I research the societal and ethical impact of new technologies, mostly in the domain of health and medicine. I spent a few years working on self-tracking for health, learning a lot from the QS community, and recently I’ve gotten more interested in how the data generated by tracking devices can be used for medical research, and how this may require a rethinking of some foundational concepts like informed consent, privacy, inclusiveness, openness and participation. In particular, I’m looking at the ethical issues involved in the move of large consumer tech companies like Apple (ResearchKit) and Google (DeepMind) into this space, where concerns around digital health and digital capitalism intersect. Who will be the gate-keepers of health datasets in the future? How do we ensure that personal health data is used for the common good? What are the best forms of governance for this new health research ecosystem?
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