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Research Scientist and LecturerUC San DiegoAcademia/University
Work La Jolla California United States of AmericaWebsite:

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I am a Research Faculty at UC San Diego, and a Research Health Science Specialist at the VA San Diego. As a computer scientist I investigating tools, techniques and infrastructure supporting the deployment of innovative interactive multimodal and tangible devices in context, and as an ethnographer I am using and creating novel methods for studying and quantifying the cognitive consequences of the introduction of this technology in the everyday life.
My main interests ranges from software engineering to human computer interaction, particularly focusing mobile health, computer supported cooperative work, medical informatics, mobile and ubiquitous computing.
In my current work I am developing theory and methods, designing and implementing prototypes, and evaluating the effectiveness of interactive multimodal physical-digital systems such as pen-based and touch-based devices, depth-cameras (e.g. Kinect), wearable and ubiquitous computing (e.g Google Glass), as well as mobile devices, to introduce them as a support for critical settings such as Healthcare.

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