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Dr. Giorgio Quer received a B.Sc. (2005) and an M.Sc. with honors (2007), both in Telecommunications Engineering, from the University of Padova, Italy. He later earned a Ph.D. (2011) in Information Engineering from the same institution. In 2007, Giorgio was a visiting researcher at the Centre for Wireless Communication at the University of Oulu, Finland, where he performed research on forwarding and routing techniques for wireless sensor networks. During his doctoral studies, Giorgio’s research has been focused on wireless networks optimization, in collaboration with DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Munich, Germany. In 2010, Giorgio joined UC San Diego’s Calit2 as a visiting scholar, working on learning techniques for cognitive networks within the military-funded ARO-CogNet project. Since 2011, Giorgio has been a postdoctoral researcher at UCSD. He currently serves as a reviewer for several IEEE and ACM journals. He is the co-chair for the Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling symposium at IEEE Globecom 2015. Giorgio’s research interests include wireless sensor networks, compressive sensing, wireless network optimization, cognitive networking, Bayesian analysis, signal processing, and wireless health.

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