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Director, Health and Biomedical Informatics CentreThe University of MelbourneAcademia/University, Medicine/Health Care
Work Melbourne AustraliaWebsite: http://www.healthinformatics.unimelb.edu.au

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I am a Biomedical Information scientist with research interests at the interface of precision medicine, participatory health and health informatics. The use of social media and personal sensors opens up new possibilities in terms of assessing the genome, phenome and exposure of individuals to risk factors and life habits. This poses huge challenges for health informatics in terms of processing big (and small) data and their applications to improve individual health, clinical research and public health. Very aware of the many unknowns and the need for evidence and further research, I still think that we will see these approaches in routine healthcare.
The HDEP and Network represent an unique opportunity to discuss those aspects and interact with a community of researchers, health practitioners and consumer groups in order to generate this evidence, address ethical and legal issues and pilot new information systems connecting multilevel individual sources of health data.

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