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ProfessorUniversity of WashingtonAcademia/University
Work Seattle Washington United States of AmericaWebsite: http://www.dogagingproject.com

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As Director of the Canine Longevity Consortium, I am organizing a nationwide large scale, long-term longitudinal study of aging in companion dogs. This initiative will lead to a tremendous amount of health related data, and provide the opportunity to identify the genetic and environmental determinants of healthy aging. Given that dogs live in our environment, suffer from the same diseases as humans, and are treated with a medical care system second only to that for humans, the study of aging in companion dogs has the potential to teach us much about the determinants of healthy aging not only in dogs, but in humans as well. Moreover, given the short lifespan of dogs relative to that of humans, we can learn about these determinants in a very short amount of time.

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