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I am looking for partners interested in generating health and wellness data sets, with the goal to validate my company’s methodology while giving you novel information that can contribute to powerful health outcomes.
The company I co-founded, Tap2, has built software that dramatically increases the ability to collect self-report data. This kind of data could empower your tools and further your research.
Essentially, our software replaces the mobile phone’s standard swipe to unlock screen with a easy to answer question. Swiping away your answer to that question collects that self-report and simultaneously unlocks the device. Thus, collecting data throughout a person’s normal day becomes very easy and voluminous over time. Our typical user provides more than 300 answers per week. These questions can be created and pushed to the user or pulled by the user from a library of questions. Each question can be scheduled and served as appropriate, and even made into an alarm which is great for tracking drug adherence.
Feel free to reach out if you think your organization would find this type of data or process interesting.
Personally, I have worked in the healthcare and physiology data spaces since 2002, building everything from medical reference aps for the Harvard Medical School to real-time telemedicine tools for the Mayo Clinic.

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