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Dr. Tiffany Veinot is an Associate Professor at the Schools of Information and Public Health at the University of Michigan.
Veinot’s primary research interests focus on community health informatics, including four key themes: 1) Identifying factors that affect health information access, acquisition and use in marginalized communities and families; 2) Characterizing “mismatches” between health information services/technologies and the needs, priorities and behaviors of their intended users; 3) Developing a conceptual foundation for “community health informatics” interventions; and 4) Developing and testing informatics interventions to address community-level health disparities.
Veinot’s published research has garnered awards from the Journal of Documentation, Canadian Association of Information Science, the American Society for Information Science & Technology and the Association for Library and Information Science Education.
Veinot has held or co-held grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Veterans Affairs, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and Ontario HIV Treatment Network.
Veinot served as a member of the Biomedical Library and Informatics Review Committee (BLIRC) at the National Library of Medicine and on the Scientific Program Committee of the 2014 AMIA Annual Symposium.
Prior to completing her PhD, Veinot had more than ten years of professional experience in health-related nonprofit organizations. In recognition of her nonprofit leadership, Veinot garnered several awards, including being profiled in Who’s Who of Canadian Women.

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