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Director of the Sharing LabIcahn Institute at Mt. Sinai School of MedicineAcademia/University, Non-profit
Work New York City New York United States of America

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I’m the director of the Sharing Lab at the Icahn Institute at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.
The focus of my research is prototyping collaborative and participatory models of biomedical research and innovation. I am particularly interested in (a) greatly expanding the rates of participation in organized health research, (b) broadening the types of contributions participants in research are able to make, (c) promoting discovery & innovation through equitable data sharing practices, i.e. those which enable individuals to build highly integrated, longitudinal research profiles with portable, re-usable data and information assets, (d) the creation of well-consented public data resources via the “open consent” framework, (e) building research networks and communities of practice around emerging technologies.
Since 2007, I have been working closely with George Church at Harvard Medical School to develop the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects (PGP), a group of research studies that collaborate on the development and evaluation personal genomic technologies and practices at increasing scales. The first site was founded at Harvard Medical School in 2005, followed by sites at Hospital for Sick Kids / University Toronto (2012), University College London (2013), and at CeMM in Vienna (2014).
I also am ED of PersonalGenomes.org, produce the annual GET Conference and GET Labs events, co-founded OpenHumans.org and DIYbio.org.

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