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Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Pennsylvania, Department of Medical Ethics and health Policy, Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral EconomicsAcademia/University, Medicine/Health Care
Work Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States of AmericaWebsite: http://medicalethics.med.upenn.edu/people/faculty/harald-schmidt

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My academic background is an MA in Philosophy and a PhD in Public Policy. My research interests center around personal responsibility for health, public health ethics and fairness in resource allocation. I aim to combine robust conceptual and empirical work to contribute to more evidence-based, equitable and efficient health care policy and practice (see publications and CV on my Penn website, including a paper on difficulties with the concept of anonymous data). Interests with regard to the Health Data Exploration Network concern responsibilities of people to use mobile health technology, and responsibilities of companies that gather data in terms of contributing to the public good.

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