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Postdoctoral Research FellowStanford Prevention Research CenterAcademia/University, Medicine/Health Care
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My interest in the Health Data Exploration Network derives from my general interests in practical causal inference for personalized health interventions, self-tracking and self-experimentation, n-of-1 trials, precision medicine, mobile health, Asian-American and Filipino-American health, and gut-microbiome research. I also research longitudinal missing-data methods, and hope to develop and encourage reproducible or replicable study designs.
I joined the Stanford Prevention Research Center in 2015 after completing my Doctor of Public Health program in biostatistics at UNC Chapel Hill. My dissertation, “Longitudinal Regression Conditioning on Continuation,” was completed under co-advisors Michael Hudgens and Amy Herring, and committee members John Preisser, Jr., Steve Cole, and Linda Adair. My work addressed longitudinal outcomes that may have been missing or truncated.*
I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical-trials and survey-sampling consulting, and international nutrition and maternal/child health research.
*A study participant’s missing outcome is assumed to exist, albeit unobserved. In contrast, an event such as death may be considered to render a study participant’s future outcomes nonexistent. We called such an event a truncating event.

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