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I am an assistant professor in Health Outcomes and Policy Research (HOPR) at University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) College of Pharmacy. I have a PhD in Health Science Administration, with post-graduate training in comparative effectiveness research. My research interests center on understanding how current care delivery systems can be enhanced to support youth in managing their diabetes without the need for continuous intervention by pediatric endocrinologists; in finding new therapeutic options for youth with chronic conditions such as T2DM; and in reducing barriers that hinder engagement in healthy lifestyle practices and diabetes self-management, especially for racial/ethnic minority youth. Recently, I’ve begun using “big data” to address unanswered questions related to care and outcomes in this population. I’m particularly interested in 1) exploring use of apps and other mobile technologies related to health among racial/ethnic minority youth and 2) collecting and analyzing personal health data (through apps or wearable devices) to better understand daily lifestyle management practices in this population. These data may inform tailored strategies to improve health behaviors and outcomes. The Health Data Exploration Network is a valuable platform for resource sharing, continuing education, and collaboration. I’m excited to learn more about HDEN.

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