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My arsenal of memories is packed with significant others’ unfruitful use of healthcare. My grandfather died following a stroke, whereupon cancer was found and left untreated. His wife, my grandmother, I never knew because she died from a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis that was unfound until three months was too late to act. My father has developed asthma, several cardiovascular conditions and sleep apnea from smoking cigarettes every day without end since he was fifteen, regardless of his doctors’ recommendations. Many peers have had unplanned pregnancies or contracted HIV from a lack of sexual counseling and use of protective methods. Each case has lead me to the same two questions: why does this happen; and how can it be solved? My intent in answering these questions is to enhance health through careful study and responsible research. Specifically, I seek to investigate the physical, mental and social associations of health service use in a population.Through social media, it may be possible to answer these questions.

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