Webinar - Towards Privacy-Aware Research and Development in Wearable Health with Michelle DeMooy. Friday March 25th 10:00AM PST

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The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) seeks to develop detailed guidance for entities that collect health and wellness data on how to conduct internal research in a manner that honors the privacy and dignity of their user population. Working in partnership with one such entity, Fitbit, we will produce guidelines on privacy-protective internal research for companies using consumer-generated health data, and provide recommendations on providing customer and public benefit through research activities. In the long term, we will use these efforts to validate for companies, clinicians, and the general public the concept that responsible and ethical research using personal health data (PHD) via wearable devices can produce interesting and valuable insights on wellness and the quantified self.

About the PI: Michelle DeMooy

Michelle De Mooy is Deputy Director, Privacy and Data Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology. She advocates for data privacy rights and protections in legislation and regulation, works closely with industry and other stakeholders to investigate good data practices and controls, as well as identifying and researching emerging technology that impacts personal privacy. She leads CDT’s health privacy work, chairing the Health Privacy Working Group and focusing on the intersection between individual privacy, health information and technology. Michelle’s current research is focused on ethical and privacy-aware internal research and development in wearables, the application of data analytics to health information found on non-traditional platforms, like social media, and the growing market for genetic data. She has testified before Congress on health policy, spoken about native advertising at the Federal Trade Commission, and written about employee wellness programs for US News & World Report’s “Policy Dose” blog. Michelle is a frequent media contributor, appearing in the New York Times, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Vice, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as on The Today Show, Voice of America, and Government Matters TV programs.

Before CDT, Michelle worked as a political campaign consultant for M+R Strategic Services, as a development and communications director at a capacity building organization aimed at nonprofits, and in the tech sector in product management and software engineering.